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Rent Classica was born out of the owners’ deep passion for classic cars. Our services are crafted with the utmost dedication to fulfill your every desire, ensuring that you embark on your first journey as newlyweds with a flawlessly maintained and pristine vehicle. Prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable experience as our classic car delivers captivating emotions and sets the stage for cherished memories.

Our Services

Explore all the services provided by Rent Classica, and make your journey special with our fleet of elegant and sophisticated cars.


Make a lasting impression on your guests by opting for a classic car—the retro touch that sets your special day apart. Experience the extraordinary and choose Rent Classica to turn your dream into reality.

Film and Productions

Unlock the potential of Rent Classica‘s fleet for your next film, drama, photography, or advertising project. From captivating short films and music videos to compelling commercials and all things audiovisual, we provide access to our exquisite collection.

Why Choose Apulia for Your Wedding?

Here are five reasons why Apulia should be your first choice destination!


The flavors and aromas of tradition will accompany your special day.


Choose from historic mansions, masserias, beaches, trulli and be swept away by the magic of Apulia.


Olive trees, vineyards, the sea, dry stone walls, clear skies and bright sunshine: the color palette that will paint your magical day and album of memories.


Apulia’s exceptional hospitality will warmly embrace you, ensuring an unforgettable wedding experience that surpasses all expectations.

Music and Dance

Get swept away in tradition and dance to the typical Salento pizzica all night long

Some of our cars…

Elegance has no age

Feel the wind in your hair, savor the symphony of our engines, and relish the luxurious freedom of unhurried journeys. These extraordinary sensations await you behind the wheel.